A Buying Guide for a Suitcase

Travelers should select the best suitcases for carrying their luggage. There are many choices of luggage suitcases on the current market. Choosing the best suitcase can be a daunting task especially for the beginners. The choice made is determined by a person’s styles and personal taste. This write-up is going to share the useful tips that can help you in making an informed decision when buying one.

Some of the critical things that you need to consider when choosing a suitcase include the following: handles, zippers, quality of materials, warranty, and design. Ideally, travelers should choose products that meet their airlines’ requirements and those and their needs.  You can choose the best suitcase brands and luggage bags by reading the available reviews. The factors considered when buying a new luggage suitcase include:


traveler-suitcaseThe size of the product chosen should fit comfortably in the cabin. Its size is mainly determined by the type of the luggage. A traveler whose styles fluctuate between road trips, odd cruise and flights should choose a product that is practical for all these occasions instead of buying different suitcases.

Parents who are traveling with their young ones should choose products that can be managed comfortably. Some airlines are tough when it comes to weight limits. It is, therefore, imperative to avoid carrying extra large suitcases as this might attract excessive baggage fees. These suitcases can also occupy a lot of space. The suitcase chosen should hold your items securely and safely. The following are the factors that determine the size of the suitcase made:

  • Length of the trips
  • Types of the trip taken (Cruises, flights, road trips)
  • Packing habits
  • Seasons and destinations
  • Packing habits

Suitcase Features

You should research the best suitcase that suits your traveling style. You can either choose a four-wheel or two –wheels suitcases. In the past, travelers used to carry their suitcases on their shoulders.

four-wheel suitcase

A four-wheel suitcase is easy to manage. Four-wheel suitcases are also known as spinners. They are more ergonomic as compared to the two-wheel models. They can maneuver easily in small or tight spaces like in lifts or on trains. The downside of spinners is that they cannot remain stationary on inclined areas making the traveler to lay it down.


Two-wheel suitcases (rollers) have external wheels, which can be recessed into their case, thereby preventing them from snapping off. They are practical for getting around town as they can easily roll on uneven surfaces.…

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